Frequently Asked Questions

Updated July 5th, 2020

Q) Can I Change My Payment Method at any time?
A) Yes you can change your payment method (where you receive your money) by emailing

Q) Am I expected to invest again?
A) No, it is not a requirement for you to invest again after you receive your first payout.

Q) I am not from South Africa. Can I still join?
A) Yes anyone around the globe can join, however, some payment options may not be available in your country.

Q) Is this program registered.
A) Yes we are fully registered and all documentation can be obtained by contacting us via email or by visiting our offices (By Appointment Only)

Q) Am I guaranteed payment within 7 Days?
A) You should start receiving payments within 7 Business days depending on how the people we send to your link respond to making payment to you.
Your payment date may also vary with regards to what payment method you have chosen. For Example, some banks take up to 3 Business Days to Clear funds (sent via eft) from another bank.

Q) Do I need to notify you when I receive a payment?
A) Yes. You will need to notify us each time a payment is made to you so that we can add the new member that has joined under you to the system.
We advise that you contact your bank with regards to questions about how long a payment will take to clear

Q) Am I guaranteed a payment payout.
A) Whilst we send the next 10 people directly to your link we can not guarantee that they will follow through with paying you.
This is why we recommend you share your link as much as you can.

Q) What if I do not receive payment? Can I get a refund?
A) You have up to 10 Business Days to request an Investment Refund if you do not receive any returns.
Your investment request must be in writing on or before 10 Business Days from you making your Investment Payment.


Please note that we have had to apply a Release Fee to all Levels to assist withthe investment program.

The following fees will apply to the various Levels before your funds will be released from your

Xaluva Stokvel Investment Account to your preferred payment option.

Level 1 Release Fee R450 R5,000 Payout
Level 2 Release Fee R850 R10,000 Payout
Level 3 Release Fee R1,000 R15,000 Payout
Level 4 Release Fee R1,500 R20,000 Payout